• A new way in cosmetics

    Cosmetics, for more than 100 years, treats thin skins. Oily, combination or dry. Young or wrinkled. This excludes about 80% of the skins in the world: dense skins. This is the observation made by the two founders of NEOCLAIM: Harry Roselmack, a famous French journalist, and Thibaut Perrin-Faivre, a market expert in cosmetics and perfumes. After launching a study confirming the need of a specific answer according to skin structure (the dermis density) and after 3 years of researches, NEOCLAIM concept is born.

    Dense skins are different on 3 elements :

    • A doubled melanin concentration due to a slower degradation,
    • Fibroblast (dermis cells) larger and more numerous making dermis thicker and more compact,
    • A more compact stratum corneum (the most superficial skin’s layer) and a higher skin resistance because of a larger quantity of cells layers, explaining a higher moisturizing need and deeply skin treatments.

    NEOCLAIM is a line of products specifically designed to meet the needs of all dense skins :

    • Very dry skin, yet prone to surface shine,
    • Ingrown hairs in men,
    • Dull complexion,
    • Pigmentation disorders (age spots, depigmentation...).
  • Science

    In order to provide a solution for the specifics needs of dense skins, NEOCLAIM has selected unique ingredients and raw materials empowered by technology:

    • cotton oil to restore skin’s barrier,
    • anti-oxidant raspberry extract,
    • moisturizing melon oil,
    • enantia chlorantha to tighten dilated pores,
    • regenerating peach oil,
    • purifying rose floral water,
    • repairing desert date oil,
    • softening baobab oil,
    • softening baobab oil,
    • a concentrate of young watercress and soy shoots to visibly reduce pigmentation and brown spots,
    • white clay and lemon oil to mattify oily skins,
    • diamond powder to reveal the outter glow of the skin.

    Paraben-free, the textures are specifically designed to infuse the full thickness of dense skin.

    NEOCLAIM works in-depth to beautify dense skin and restore its natural light, thanks to two Sublime Skin programs specifically adapted for the needs of men and women with dense skins.