What is a dense skin? Which are its specificities?

  • Thicker and more compact dermis,
  • Fibroblast larger and more numerous,
  • Slower melanin degradation.
  • Main preoccupations of these types of skins:
  • Pigmentary disorders,
  • Brown spots,
  • Dullness,
  • Ingrown hairs,
  • Enlarged pores,
  • Lack of light,
  • Oily skins,
  • Deep dryness.

The brand is it ECOCERT/Biologic certified?

NEOCLAIM products are all formulated with natural ingredients, from a vegetal or a mineral.
Otherwise, they are not considerate as biologic because natural extracts action is empowered by
technology in order to have more efficient results. However they have been formulated without
paraben, PEG, phtalène and phenoxyethanol. They are also the result of 3 years of development
and dermatologic test. They are non-comedogen and alcohol-free.


Does it exist a specific age to use NEOCLAIM products?

No, NEOCLAIM products can be used at all age (preferably from teenage).